Apple WWDC Keynote


So Apple had its WWDC keynote yesterday and had lots to say.


First off Mac OSX Lion has lots of new features and a great price of $29.99 for up to five computers. You get this only through the Mac App Store and then can download load it to your other Snow Leopard  Macs.  But my favourite features are the auto saving, resuming, and versioning. Launching in July.



Next up was iOS 5 which is a major leap forward for iOS devices. It has a huge list of features but my favourites are the changes to the notification system/lock screen, the camera/picture apps changes,  the new iMessages app which is Apple’s answer to BBM, and best of all being able to update the device and sync without a computer. The supported devices are iPhone 3GS/4, all iPads, and iPod touches 3rd and 4th generation. Launching in the fall.



Last up was iCloud Apples new cloud services platform that is heavily used threw out Lion and iOS 5. This service syncs pictures, documents, contacts, mail, calender,apps, books, iOS backups, music. This service is free for everyone and cross-platform. Also sadly for Canada the best feature of the music app locker syncer is US only right now. But this service is amazing it lets you buy once and then your stuff gets sent to your other devives. Also with this service for $25 dollars a year it well unlock your purchased or riped music from other stores. This service launches in the fall.

Apple WWDC Keynote