Nexus 5 Review


So I got my black Nexus 5 in Nov and it is super great:

Hand Feel  & Screen

So this is a soft touch  plastic phone that is surrounded by a 5 inch great looking 1080p LCD screen that is great to look at and use every day.

LTE & Battery Life

It’s my first phone with LTE and it is super fast when on LTE 24 down and 15 up on Telus.  Battery life is pretty good I average about 9 hours with 2 hour screen on time. Using LTE and WiFi and pretty heavy use of the phone doing things like web browsing, texting, phone calls, listening to podcasts as well as social updates and some game play.


I find the camera is pretty good it does take a bit of time to focus which is my main complaint with it. Also for the extra colour depth and just plain better picture make sure you are using the HDR+ mode. Plus make sure you upload your pictures to Google+ sense it will Auto Awesome the pictures and video.


I love Android 4.4 with its Google Experience Launcher and all the other little tweaks and the Hangouts Messaging. But with that messaging app it does not combine Hangout messages and SMS in the same contact conversions which is annoying.



Is really good off contract from Google play 16GB $349CDN and 32GB is $399CDN.


It is a great phone that gives you the standard Google experience and will get updates quickly from Google.

Nexus 5 Review