Fitbit First Impression

Fitbit Android App

So after a few days of having the Fitbit I have to say I really like it. It works great and you forget that it is on your wrist until it vibrates to tell you something.

The setup is so simple and easy all you need to do is download the app and launch it and it will find your Fitbit just make sure you have a lest three dots of charge and then you walk threw the goals of steps, weight loss, and such.

The software is great and cross platform works on both Android and iOS and their is even third party apps for Windows Phone 8. But if you want to use it with your phone you need to have Bluetooth 4 low energy so that the Fitbit can sync to it. Also their is a USB dongle for your computer if you want to go that root instead of the phone and their are apps for your computer. The software gives you so much good information like your step  count (default of 10 000) and your calories intake and outtake and your wait goals and sleep.

You do have to manually enter in the food you eat and the water you drink as well as tell it when you are going to sleep. The food database is from the US which is okay but you will be missing Canadian only things like (President Choice stuff).

Their is even a social thing to it that has leaderboards and such so if you have friends or family you can compete against one another which is great.

Fitbit First Impression