HTC M8 Review


So about two weeks ago I dropped my Nexus 5 on the cement pavement and broke the screen. But it was still usable so I decided that it was time for a new phone and I chose to try out the HTC M8. So far I have to say overall it is a great upgrade.



The display is a 5 inch 1080p LCD display with great viewing angles and very good colour accuracy as well as just being a great display to look at or watch things on for long periods of time. The display is also able to withstand being out in the rain with no problem working at all.







The camera is really great if you want to share pictures online or view them on screen but not the best for printing pictures or viewing on large computer or TV screens. The camera is still the same 4MB Ultra pixel as before with some new tricks and faster auto focusing the big new feature is that the camera allows you to focus on the foreground or background. Also the gallery app has and camera app have been reworked to be faster and easier to use. The camera also allows you to go into full manual mode and change settings like iso, exposure, white balance, and such.



HTC Sense 6 is a very fine software overlay on Android Kitkat 4.4.2. Sense has been toned down and Blink feed is actually usable and can even be turned off. Alot of HTC apps have also been broken out and put in the Play store to be updated more frequently and allow the Play Edition HTC M8 to use them. Also keeping with the last HTC One there is still a very usable IR remote.



Overall not much to say here except that I have had no problems with using the phone browsing heavily online and streaming Netflix or YouTube or the like.


Battery life

Overall very impressed here I get on average 12 to 15 hours on this phone with very heavy use of listening to audio very heavy social media and browsing and lightweight gaming. By the end of the night it is in power saving mode which does turn off some things like auto sync and if you want to get even more use but very basic use you can turn on the extreme power savings which only lets you use the phone and messaging apps and a few more basic apps like calculator.

HTC M8 Review