Telus iPhone
This is my homescreen

Telus iPhone Review


I have had this phone for awhile now about five months it is a great phone and works really well since it operates on Telus/Bell new GSM network that not a lot of people using this network at the moment. Their are a lot of apps for the phone of different types such as games, navigation, productivity. Also again it has access to all of iTunes for things like tv shows, movies, and music.


The hardware is decent but the screen could be better now that other phones such as the milestone are out and have higher resolution screens. But other then that the hardware is good. The phone has all the usual suspects of GPS, WIFI, bleutooth, 3.5mm headphone jack, and non-removable 16 or 32 GB of storage. The other draw back that this phone has is that other devices can wireless sync the music while the iPhone can not.


The OS of the iPhone is top notch but does suffer from some draw back such as limited background tasks, lack of a very good notification system(only shows the most recent activity on your homescreen), and no widget support. But other then these draw backs the OS is very easy to use, navigate, and is very responsive.


By far the best mobile browsing experience out there. It uses a mobile version of Safari which is a webkit based browser which i very fast and stable most of the time.


This device is a great media player it can play anything from iTunes or Audible and the sound is decent. The only draw back is that the screen is starting to show its age.

App Store

This is were Apple has some work to do there are around 110 000 apps. But since there are that many getting your app noticed can be very hard. Also Apple has not really let developers know what their policy is for that app store so therefore Apple could pull your app or approve it then later yank it. But again on average the apps that are in the store especially the games are really well done and very addictive.


If you do not mind the closed system of Apple this is a great phone also if you want the best media device this is for you.

LG 46 1080p LCD HD TV
LG 46 1080p LCD HD TV

LG 46 1080p LCD HD TV


The setup of this tv is really easy and well done. All you have to do is plug in the power and the cables and that part is done. Then it walks you through setting up your picture type and quality for things like colour, tint, and brightness. Then all you have to do is setup your various input like AVI 1 and 2, Component, HDMI 1 – 3, VGA.


The picture quality on this tv is really well done especially if you take the time to setup right. It can render up to 1080p content which is great. The only draw back is that it is a 60Hz tv so really fast motion does suffer on this tv.


The sound quality on this tv is quite good. It is stereo sound which fulls the room with good sound but again with it being built in the bass and undertones suffer a bit.


This tv is really easy to use and setup. The picture and sound are great especially when you take the time to setup right. The tv has lots of inputs that are easy to use and switch between. I recommend this tv to everyone unless you watch or do a lot of fast motion gaming or tv watching since it is only a 60Hz tv.


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