Thoughts on Hearthstone

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So I have been playing the beta for Heathstone for about 2 months now I have to say that I really love it. It is so easy to get into and getting playing against AI or real players. Each hero also has different hero abilities and class cards that are specific to them then there are neutral cards.

If you want to unlock all the heroes and basic class cards  you have to play them to level 10. The game has three modes Ranked, Unranked and Arena. Ranked goes from 25 to 1 with 3 or more starts per rank as well and this mode puts you against  real players.  Unranked is again against real players but is for fun. And Arena is a draft where you pick from the 3 heroes they give you and then chose from 30 cards and you play up to 12 wins or 3 loses then your done.

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My favourite mode is Ranked where you get to choose from 9 decks that you can put together from the heroes that they give you. As well as you can go threw the daily quests that they give you which earns you gold which you can use to buy new boosters or arena runs and the cards you already have can be turned to dust which can be used to make cards that you don’t have.

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Thoughts on Hearthstone