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So I upgraded to the 12.9 iPad Pro two months ago and purchased the Apple Pencil as well. This combination of devices has made it a pretty great replacement for 90% of what I do the other 10% is why I’m keeping my 11inch Macbook Air around.

But let me tell you the Pro has a much better screen and can do somethings faster then my Air ever could. I’m mainly using this device for school so lots of Word and Web browsing usage and PowerPoint/Keynote for my courses. But I do use this for work as well which means even more Word and Web browsing but also Excel.

This device is great for fun as well which it’s great screen and speakers make great for video watching and photo editing and even 4k video editing.

So overall it is a great purchase.

iPad Pro Convert

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So I went to the Apple store today and to look at and spend some time with the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard. Overall I spent maybe half an hour trying out various things.

The weight and feel of this device is really nice it weights 1.6pounds same as the original iPad but spread out over more screen size 12.9inches. The screen on this device is amazing to look at and watch movies or other content like games. It has four speakers now that sound really good for a tablet and the speakers balance their sound based on where your hands may be and the rotation of the device. This devices performance is really good especially using the new iOS 9 multitasking with apps and split view being two full apps and picture in picture. The battery life is rated at 10 hours.

Also apps are hit and miss right now that fully take advantage of the screen size and power of the iPad Pro. Apps like Microsoft Office look and work great and take advantage of all the iPad Pro and iOS 9 have to offer. But apps such as the Google Sheets and Docs look and act horrible on the device sense they have not been updated.


The Apple pencil $99 is really cool to use but not all apps have been updated to properly respond to the Pencil. But apps like Apple’s Note and Procreate are really good to draw and sketch with as well as write with for Notes and One Note. But the downside with this Pencil is their is no easy way to store it like attaching it to the iPad Pro or case. Also for charging you have to take off the cap and connect it to the iPad Pro via the Lightning  connector.


The Apple Smart Keyboard $169 is a simple keyboard that attaches to the iPad Pro via the new Smart connector which powers the keyboard and creates the connection between the two devices. It is a fabric keyboard with keys that feel similar to the new Apple Magic Keyboard. The feel of the keyboard is okay to use but you would be better off buying the Logitech Create Keyboard $149.95 which is better and cheaper then Apples or buy a good bluetooth keyboard.


iPad Pro starts at $799

Apple Pencil $99

Smart Keyboard $169

Logitech Create Keyboard $149.95

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iPad Pro Try Out

Apple September 2015 Event

Apple September 2015
Apple September 2015

So Apple had their September 2015 event that showed off the iPad Pro, new Apple TV, and iPhone 6S. They all look like great updates and can not wait to see how they all look and feel when they come out. They also gave out the dates that iOS 9, watchOS2, and El Capitan launch.

Apple September 2015 Event